Alexander Huetson


Alexander Huetson - NOW

Alexander is an emerging British actor based in Southern England.


To date, Alexander has succeeded in playing leading roles in several productions; including most recently 'Encounter', where he played Arthur Hollis in a stage production written and directed by Phil Willmott - an adaptation of Noel Coward's 'Brief Encounter'. The show had a busy 5 week run, receiving recognition from all quarters with numerous 5 star reviews.


Having also played the psychotic Black in the series 'Drowning in Sunshine', due for release in 2015 - Alexander also appreciates the classics, having taken on the mantle of Christopher Marlowe's Mephistopheles in 'Doctor Faustus', staged in 2015 by Pandemonium Performance in a sellout run at Abney Park, London.


Represented by Kelle Bryan at Red Hot Entertainment.

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