Alexander Huetson


Huetson does a masterly and affecting job in making him the emotional barometer of the play, moving from sparky optimism through to wan stoicism. Partly through body language, and partly through detailed acting off the speech, Huetson finds an eloquence, tenderness and dignity for his character that is very moving. And when he does find his voice – in a monologue about the reality of prejudice and persecution, and in a powerful declaration of the transforming power of love – the results are truly compelling.

Britishtheatre.com review of Phil Willmott's 'Encounter'

Podomatic podcast with Asatuurs Keim

Recently playing Nikolai in Claudio Macor's important new play 'SAVAGE' - published by Oberon Books, Alexander recently critical acclaim for his vulnerable performance.


"As Nikolai, Huetson has to travel a huge emotional and physical journey, and it is one that is finely calibrated all the way. His is a study that reminds you of Hemingway’s definition of courage as ‘grace under pressure’, as his character comes to terms with the destruction of salient features of his identity and then learns to re-engage with the world."

-Tim Hochstrasser, Live Theatre UK

Production shot from 'Encounter' taken by Scott Rylander