Alexander Huetson

Actor - Voice Over - Model

Alexander is an emerging British actor based in London, UK.


Alexander has played several leading roles in London theatres; working with prolific writer Edward Bond, receiving a west end credit and Best Actor nomination along the way. Be it new writing, classic text or comedy, Alexander brings a fresh, explorative and 'open minded' approach to all his work.


He also has a home Voice Over Studio, working with a Blue Yeti microphone and editing his own material.


Alexander has played a range of roles on film, from a psychotic muderous druglord's 'cleaner' to a bumbling helpless romantic.


Represented by Kelle Bryan at Advocate Agency

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Inter Voice Over

Recently playing Nikolai in Claudio Macor's important new play 'SAVAGE' - published by Oberon Books, Alexander recently critical acclaim for his vulnerable performance.


"As Nikolai, Huetson has to travel a huge emotional and physical journey, and it is one that is finely calibrated all the way. His is a study that reminds you of Hemingway’s definition of courage as ‘grace under pressure’, as his character comes to terms with the destruction of salient features of his identity and then learns to re-engage with the world."

-Tim Hochstrasser, Live Theatre UK